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Path of Exile Upcoming Expansion First Details Revealed by Grinding Gear

Le 11 November 2017, 07:54 dans Humeurs 0

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Grinding Gear Games, the New Zealand-based studio responsible for Path Of Exile is preparing to make a big announcement come November 16 for Path of Exile’s
future plans.

The studio has given fans a few details regarding the Path of Exile upcoming expansion, and what it will feature in a post on their official site. You can
catch the first few details below:

There is a new boss in Act Nine
We have the first ever socketable belt coming
Green and black are the colours of a new league
We’ve prepared a new stash tab type for this expansion
There are 4 new skill gems and 6 support gems coming
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Aside from this hint, the PoE playerbase was curious on what else they could find about the upcoming December expansion. This curiosity has lead one Reddit
member to find some interesting files in the game mentioning the word “map stash tabs,” If true, it appears that the PoE community is getting another item
from their wishlist crossed off if map stashes become available for purchase in the near future.

Grinding Gear Games Give Interesting Path of Exile Harbinger League Statistics

Le 28 October 2017, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0 offered a 24/7 customer service for poe currency Buying In order to offer you the most satisfied online shopping service, we provide 24/7 customer service for players to buy POE Orbs.

Well at the recent Harbinger League Statistics there was a ton of stuff going on, but more information about Path of Exile Harbinger League was something
that does not seem to have gotten the attention that us here at feel it deserves so we wanted to pass on some of the highlights.

You may have noticed that we have had a few blog posts where we have looked at the statistics behind Path Of Exile. We love the guys at Grinding Gear
Games and how open they are with POE. Well, they have once again crunched the numbers and have given us some interesting statistics about the Harbinger
League and that is what we want to talk about today.

We like to keep an eye on Path of Exile and make sure that we are offering fellow Path of Exile players the best and safe POE Currency! Well at the
recent Harbinger League Statistics there was a ton of stuff going on, but more information about Path of Exile Harbinger League and POE Xbox was something
that does not seem to have gotten the attention that us here at feel it deserves so we wanted to pass on some of the highlights.
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The idea of this stats is to see how many challenges Path Of Exile players have completed in the Harbinger League.

Harbinger Challenge Eyes: Challenge Eyes are earned for completing a minimum of 12 challenges. A rather impressive just under 30 percent of players
taking part in the Harbinger League have stuck with it enough to at least complete 12 challenges.

Harbinger Challenge Crown: Players who complete 24 challenges will earn the Challenge Crown. This is quite a step up from the 12 challenges required
for the Challenge Eyes and as a result, there is quite a drop off here with only 7.99 percent of players completing 24 challenges.

Harbinger Character Effect: Players who have really put the time and effort in and have completed 36 challenges can get the pretty darn cool, Harbinger
Character Effect. This lets people know you are a boss and very few players actually earned this with only 1.34 percent of players achieving this.

Sticking with the Harbinger League and making it all the way to beating 36 challenges is no easy feat so we salute those players who have done it. We find
stuff like this very interesting and as you can see, while not many players have managed it, you can see that it is actually possible. So hopefully it will
motivate you guys (and us) to stick it out and try even harder.

Path of Exile Acronyms: Gameplay, Items, and Skills

Le 26 October 2017, 05:25 dans Humeurs 0

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One of the hardest parts about getting into a new activity is simply understanding what everyone else is talking about, and there are few hobbies
where this problem is as pronounced as it is in video gaming. Other players will frequently talk about things that you’ve never heard of in ways
that don’t make sense, and it can be hard to find definitions to some of the more obscure terminology.

Path of Exile is no exception. The game is rich, complex, and full of fascinating mechanics. This depth is part of what has made it one of our
favorite games over the course of the past year. At the same time, all that depth means that discussions about Path of Exile are often full of
strange phrases, abbreviations, and bizarre words you’ve never heard before. It certainly doesn’t help that most of the guides and forum conversations
are littered with this jargon. This article is designed to help newer players get acquainted with Path of Exile acronyms.

Generic Gaming Acronyms in Path of Exile

These acronyms might be new for people who don’t play video games much, although many of them are used frequently on the internet. I decided to include
them in this article since some of these acronyms have taken on a new meaning in Path of Exile.

AFK – Away from Keyboard. This means exactly what it says, the person isn’t there. You’ll run into this a lot when you trade in Path of Exile. There’s an
automated response that lets people know that you are AFK when they contact you. This will happen very frequently.
POE Currency popular delivery method is trade from auction house. post a item such rare weapon or a rare armor on auction house. POE Currency will buyout this item. the currency should be delivered to your in-game mailbox.
AoE – Area of Effect. Certain spells and attacks target an area instead of individual enemies. For example, Warcries only provide a buff to your allies if
they’re close enough to the caster.

GG – Good Game. In today’s competitive titles, saying “gg” is the equivalent of shaking hands with the other team after winning (or losing) a game. In games
like CS:GO and Dota, players sometimes write “gg” in chat to express frustration with their teammates and/or suggest that the game is unwinnable. In Path of Exile,
you’ll see “GG” as a response to players finding powerful items. The best items are often referred to as “GG items.”

HP – Hit Points. The life that your character has. In Path of Exile, your HP can come in multiple forms, including life and energy shield. We’ll discuss these later.

IGN – In Game Name. This is a person’s username. In Path of Exile, this typically refers to the name of a specific character, not their account. (You can have
multiple characters on the same account.)

RIP – Rest in Pieces. In Path of Exile, this is typically used when someone dies or loses an expensive item.

WTS/WTB/WTT – Want To Sell, Want To Buy, Want To Trade. If you use the in-game trade channel, you’ll see these terms a lot. These acronyms are usually followed
by lists of items that the player is looking for.
Basic Path of Exile Acronyms

AD – Attack Damage. This is damage that a character deals. In Path of Exile, ‘attacks’ are specifically damage dealt with non-magical means. Any skill that
uses a weapon or fists is considered an attack. Spells are not. The description text for each skill will specify whether it is an attack or a spell.

APS – Attacks Per Second. Your character has a certain attack speed, and will attack a certain number of times each second. Your APS is determined by your
stats, items, skills, and a host of other factors. To check your APS, go to your character sheet.

BIS – Best in Slot. This acronym is used when someone is discussing what item to wear in each slot on their character. An item is a “BIS item” if it’s the
best possible item for maximizing the efficiency or power of your build.

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